WEM 40 Multifunctional oil "Multi-head

2m WEM 40 is the all-rounder in terms of lubrication, cleaning, rust solution, contact improvement and care.

Thanks to the integrated spray tube in the spray head, exact dosing is possible in hard-to-reach places.

  • eliminates squeaking and creaking noises and
  • Makes threads, tools, hinges, joints, springs, locks and much more permanently smooth-running.
  • Dissolves encrusted and resinous lubricant residues as well as limescale residues and leaves behind an extremely thin, antistatic protective film.
  • loosens rust and stuck connections: Screws, nuts, joints, hinges, switches and mechanics of all kinds.
  • protects against rust and corrosion on tools, machines, bicycles and motorcycles.
  • provides for contact improvement in the case of ignition problems caused by wetness.
  • protects ignition distributors and cables of car, motorcycle, lawn mower and boat engines as well as other electrical equipment against malfunctions caused by moisture.
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