Insertion work

Contract filling

Adhesive work


Folder gluing



Order picking



Welding work


Ring binder filler

Shipping Completion

Folder Filling



Manual assembly

Final assembly

Placement work

Manufacture of semi-finished products

Assembly work

Catalog dispatch

Wire-o bindings

Gift wrapping


Contract filling
Filling of technical aerosols, liquid, granular and pasty products.

Contract manufacturing
Contract manufacturing of accessory packages for products, blanks, process descriptions and inventories.

Contract packaging
Elaborate or individual repackaging requires intensive work. We process demanding orders in a short time and with attention to your wishes. Targeted handling of challenging packaging and detailed solutions often makes machine production impossible. This is where we come in and enable a smooth workflow for you.
Filling of packages with weighed or counted small parts, filling of powders and granulates, vacuum packaging, shrinking, shrink-wrapping, blistering, packaging of products in all desired containers, repackaging.

Shipment of goods
We store and process your products and ship them to your customers worldwide in any quantity according to agreed schedules.

Assembly work
Final assembly of individual parts into the finished product, breaking out injection moulded parts, assembling ballpoint pens, assembling small devices.

Collation of multi-part mail items, gluing work, folder filling, ring binder filling, awards, filling of displays, addressing work, sorting work.

Assembly work
e.g. price labelling, installation of printed circuit boards in delivered electronic modules, attaching or sticking on labels, equipping of construction kits, etc.