Who does not dream of putting a personal stamp on products and selling them in their own name?!

But how can such a thing be done? The solution for this is called "Private Label".

To be able to support you in this, we accompany you from the first idea for the private label to the finished product. Together with you, we create the right "outfit" for your can. We as the manufacturer label the respective product as you would like it as a trading company and sell it on to you. Now you can sell the product as your "own" product to the end customer.

How can Private Label be interesting for me?

Due to the ever-increasing digitalisation, it is no longer only possible for large companies to build up their own retail brands. Today, every individual can sell his or her branded product.

As a company, you benefit from the opportunity to build up a new product field or to underpin an existing one and to anchor yourself in the customer memory. Whether a product was developed by yourself or an existing 2m product was only modified and repackaged plays only a minor role.

In any case, you gain greater price flexibility, which can, among other things, alleviate the price pressure of competitors.

2m is a recognised brand and we are happy to support you in your "own label" business. Our private label customers have full confidence in our creative and reliable private label service.