PTFE silicone grease

2m PTFE silicone grease is a release agent, lubricant, hydrophobing agent, protective agent, care agent and preservative all in one. The addition of PTFE powder makes it extremely slippery and pressure-resistant.

- best sliding and lubricating properties
- high dielectric strength
- not soluble in water
- resistant to diluted acids and alkalis
- protects metals, plastics and rubber
- temperature range: -40°C to +200°C

For long-term lubrication of temperature-loaded electric motor bearings, e.g. in household appliances, as well as for initial lubrication of roller bearings. 2m PTFE silicone grease is also used for the lubrication of sliding roofs or guide rails (seats) in motor vehicles.

Product description

400 ml aerosol
VPE: 12 piece

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