PTFE 2011 B High performance lubricant

2m PTFE 2011 B is a high temperature resistant lubricant based on vegetable and biodegradable oils. It reliably prevents squeaking noises, provides reliable protection against corrosion and is used for all common lubrication jobs.

- high adhesion
- very good flow properties
- infiltrates water
- free of grease and resin
- free of silicone and mineral oil
- excellent capillary effect
- long-lasting lubricating effect
- reduces signs of wear
- temperature range: -30°C to +250°C

2m PTFE 2011 B is suitable for all lubrication work on moving parts exposed to high temperatures, high wear, pressure, vibrations and shocks.

Product description

400 ml aerosol
VPE: 12 piece

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