Adhesive lubricant spray

2m adhesive lubricant spray is a synthetic, transparent and resin-free lubricant for highly stressed parts. Even under the highest loads, it withstands the effects of the weather and ensures long-term lubrication even in the tightest gaps due to its extreme creep ability. After evaporation of the solvent an adhesive, soft lubricant remains.

- very good corrosion protection
- good pressure absorption capacity
- displaces moisture
- economical in consumption
- no dripping or smearing
- temperature range: -30°C to +200°C

2m adhesive lubricant spray is used for the permanent lubrication of bearings, joints, chains, gears, wire ropes, hinges, O-rings, roller and ball bearings.

Product description

400 ml aerosol
VPE: 12 piece

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