2m GST Spray PTFE is a silicone-free lubricant and release agent based on white oil. Through the use of high-quality active ingredients, excellent creep and lubricity is achieved, abrasion resistance is increased and seizure is prevented. Thanks to the extremely low coefficient of friction (0.2 - 0.9) and a temperature resistance of -20°C to +80°C, a grease-free, anti-adhesive, dirt- and water-repellent PTFE layer with long-term lubrication effect is achieved.

Fields of application:
- Sliding rails, guides
- conveyor belts, toothed wheels, drive belts
- chains, hinges, threads
- cutting tools, locking cylinders
- Foot pedals, window mechanisms

Product description

400 ml aerosol
VPE: 12 piece

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